Building Solar Powered Cars
Building Solar-Powered Cars
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During our summer programs and workshops, children ages 6-14 are introduced to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through a series of engineering-oriented activities. Children will be divided into a Junior group (6-10) and Senior group (11-14) to complete appropriately challenging activities! Tasks such as building suspension bridges, designing future cities, and using chemistry to make sweet treats allow students to build problem solving skills, discover how things work, learn math and science in a fun and safe environment, explore engineering as a career option, and engage in real world engineering problems.



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Keeping STEM Alive


Inspiring Future Engineers is a hands-on, project-based program intended to teach children critical life skills through engineering and STEM learning. By allowing children to work both individually and in groups, they discover how to collaborate and think creatively.

Children are natural born engineers. Our program inspires children to apply their math and science skills to engineering activities based on real-world problems. As a result, children are able to enhance their learning and discover how math and science can change the world!

Engineering activities help children grow and develop in unparalleled ways. An engineering problem can have a multitude of solutions, there is hardly ever one "right" answer. By teaching the engineering design process, we are removing the stigma from failure; allowing children to confidently approach problems and learn essential problem-solving skills.



February 5, 2019

Registration for our 2019 Engineering Summer Program is now open. Register today! Limited spots available. 


January 31, 2019

Our 2019 Engineering Summer Program is scheduled for July 15-19, 2019!



We are excited to announce that we are now offering to coordinate Private Events! For an affordable price, our team will host a unique, thrilling STEM activity at your event.

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