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"Example is Leadership" -Albert Schweitzer

Everything begins as an idea. Inspiring Future Engineers began as an initiative to inspire Elementary and Middle School students to engage in STEM and discover the fun of engineering - however, we won't stop here. Through summer programs, saturday workshops, and after school programs, we are endlessly focusing on our commitment to provide an outlet for STEM expression and innovation for children. 


Environmental Engineering. B.S. 

Co-founder & Program Director


In a Nutshell

I am currently an undergraduate Environmental Engineering student at the University at Buffalo. My passion to create positive change is evident through my work with Inspiring Future Engineers, and several other facades of my career. My work at the University at Buffalo, aside from being a committed student, includes my involvement in several different clubs and departments. I am the student assistant for a region-wide, semester-long initiative known as the Lake Erie Hack, a challenging project that brings together community experts to solve water-related issues. In addition, I am preforming research alongside environmental engineering faculty that involves empowering girls and young women in low-resource countries through sustainable sanitation methods. My passion for engineering solutions to improve education and quality of life in developing countries is also evident in my participation with the University at Buffalo’s Engineers without Borders Chapter. My all-encompassing contribution to sustainability at the University at Buffalo led to my nomination in the Class of 2017 and 2018 Education and Leadership Fellows in Sustainability, a project management program that works in collaboration with the UB Sustainability Office. Outside from school, I enjoy spending time with my family and finding new ways to empower and inspire those around me. 


My favorite quote is, "We rise by lifting others." As an environmental engineer, I plan to use my creative capacity to initiate positive change in Western New York and inspire my peers to explore how they can also create unique change. Empowering others to harness what makes them unique and different unleashes limitless potential to change the world!



Aerospace Engineering, B.S.

Co-founder & Activity Coordinator


In a Nutshell

I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the University at Buffalo. My work at the University at Buffalo includes my leadership with the Honors College, a niche within the University oriented to promote faculty-student interactions, experiential learning through community contribution, and prepares students for graduation. Additionally, I am involved with the ASCE, the American Society of Civil Engineers, a civil-engineering intensive club at UB, and a student researcher in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. I have been and am currently involved with numerous initiatives around Buffalo dedicated to creating a more prosperous future, such as the University at Buffalo Solar Decathalon, Engineering Principles Wind Turbine Model, and the South Park High School After School Science Program.


I pursued a career in Aerospace Engineering because of my vast interest in physics and how things work. As a born and raised Buffalonian, I hope to use my education in Civil Engineering to improve Buffalo's aging infrastructure, such as by reinforcing inadequate buildings and bridges.




John F. Hall

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UB Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Program Director & Curriculum Advisor

In a Nutshell:

Dr. Hall is embarking on his second career as a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University at Buffalo. His research focuses on design techniques and the development of complex computer simulation models. Dr. Hall is the Principal Investigator in the Energy Systems Laboratory, where him and his team develop technology related to energy production, storage, and consumption. He practiced engineering professionally for twenty years before obtaining his graduate degrees.

Dr. Hall helps assist with Inspiring Future Engineers by providing his mentorship to students, aiding in curriculum development, and providing special discussions regarding the engineering process and journey.

Cirriculum Vitae http://www.mae.buffalo.edu/people/cv/hall.pdf



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February 5, 2019

Registration for our 2019 Engineering Summer Program is now open. Register today! Limited spots available. 


January 31, 2019

Our 2019 Engineering Summer Program is scheduled for July 15-19, 2019!



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